Canon IJ Setup & Installation

Canon is a All-in-One flexible printers. These printers are fun to use, and they are highly effective. They offer a wide array of features which distinguish them from other printers. Canon has built cloud-ready printers that let you link and print files efficiently to your cloud storage. Canon printers come with peripherals which increase productivity. Using various computer-designed printer management tools, you can proactively control the printer functions. Several of these tools are Canon IJ Start, Canon IJ Scan Utility, Canon Printer Utility, Canon IJ wireless network, Canon Network Selector EX Scanner, etc. Read on to learn about these tools and software's exciting features.

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Canon ij Setup

Canon Pixma Setup

Canon Pixma Setup results in outstanding rate of printing. To get more detail about the Canon Pixma Setup just click on the button below.

Canon Maxify Setup

Canon Maxify printers, are the fast and powerful Canon MAXIFY series, are very well suited for small / residential office. Canon Print Assist Easy to Install.

Canon Laser Setup

Canon Laser Setup can generate high quality pictures and photographs. To get all the details about this setup of printers just click here.

Canon Selphy Setup

For successful Canon Selphy Setup follow the steps given. Click the button below and visit Canon Selphy Setup for more information. - Canon Setup and Installation

Canon setup Process:

Canon IJ Setup is the way your Canon printer is connected to a wireless network. When attaching the network printer, you can print from your remote devices such as smartphones, laptops, remote computers or other devices without the use of a USB cable.

Before you attempt to link your canon printer to the wireless network, however, you should be sure to meet the following requirement:

  • You must have an access point that has an Internet connection (it is well established as a router, gateway or Wifi Modem). Ensure full functionality of the access point before beginning the connection procedure.
    You must have a computing device such as a Laptop, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone, or you must have an internet linked machine in a single phrase. Please use a browser to open a website and ensure that your device is linked to the network or internet, for example
  • If the website doesn’t show up , it means you’re not connected to the internet and you should connect your computer to a network before you continue.

How to set up Canon Printer in the Wireless Network or

Now it’s time to link your printer to a network, after you have met the above requirements.

  1. Some access points (sometimes referred to as routers or hubs) feature a “WPS” labeled automatic connection button that stands for Wi-Fi Safe Setup.
    It allows licensed devices such as your Canon Printer to connect to your network without having to enter a password and allows you to connect your devices quickly and easily.
  2. This method is by far the simplest way to connect your Canon Printer so if you have a WPS button in your access point please select the ‘WPS Connection Process’ tab below for instructions on how to connect using this process.
  3. If your router does not support WPS, we have given alternative instructions for connecting your Canon Printer so please select the ‘Standard Connection Form’ tab below

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Guide To Installing Canon Printer

Most Canon printers are very functional in nature and very easy to use – they are often automatically mounted on locally supported PCs and are available to the public according to their wishes.

Installing a New Canon Printer

When you try to mount the latest canon printer, you will need the following steps:

  • Start menu, and go to HY Segment Install Printers. On the list you need to scan for the thumbnail printer and simply click on it.
  • Next, a very important step you need to concentrate on is setting the printer number in the search field correctly.
  • Hit on search button.
  • For a case colored black you can see serial numbers. Serial number 1 can request search criteria from the printer, such as adding the Canon Printer’s number or street address, etc.
  • To find printer, press the search button.
  • From there you have to turn to the option that you want to print.
  • Finally, click on the Download link
  • Warning of happiness: In reality you can install more than one printer at a time
  • You will receive a confirmation message confirming that the process has been a success
  • You now need to check the default from the printers list. Switch to Devices and Printers from the same Start screen.
  • You can do so immediately, if you decide to change the default printer at that time.
  • Only go over to the printer you want to render by default, then press the secondary button of the keyboard.
  • The printer you picked is displayed underneath with a green colored tick, and then you’re all set.

    Canon Printer Wireless Setup Guide

    Canon Wireless Printer Setup includes different configuration steps and how this printer can be connected to your computer or smart devices via wireless mode.

    This configuration helps you to quickly exchange documents, images , videos and so on with friends or neighboring systems without using the USB.

    What are the specifications for a Canon Printer to Wireless Network connection?

    • In this subject, we can see the specifications we should have before setting up a canon, and then link the printer to the wireless network through the setup process
    • An access point such as a modem, router, or Wi-Fi modem is needed. And you always have to make sure the connection provided in those access points works properly.
    • You must then at least have a mobile device or computer linked to the internet to set up the ij canon. 
    • Open your browser and enter the extension, which opens all the information on, to ensure that your machine is linked to the internet
    • There are two essential things to consider before creating the canon. After testing certain items you can attach the canon printer to your smart devices.

    The different steps involved in connecting the printer to the wireless network include:

    To start the Canon wireless printer setup, Windows users must set up a CD that has been supplied with a printer package. Whether you don’t have a CD or are a MAC owner, download the program manual and use the printer you ‘re using.

    Then you will find a button that will appear, and press NEXT on it. If you’re a MAC user, you’ll need to enter a password to allow the helpful device. Click the NEXT button once again to ensure it runs smoothly.


    Here you can find a screen showing whether you want to use a USB link or a wireless one. Go for the Wireless link, of course.

    Instead you have to note that the printer has to be turned on, and the power lamp has to be turned on, instead skipped to NEXT.
    Next, communicating must communicate with the network.

    • The screen will appear from where you need to choose ‘Wired Setup.’ If you are a follower of Windows XP, you will not be able to see the option ‘Wired Setup,’ so you will need to choose the option ‘Other Setup.’ The people of Windows XP then have to switch to pick a ‘wireless setup using a USB cable’ for the Canon Wireless Printer setup option.
    • This is a momentous move. You can find the option ‘Wired Setup Connection’ appearing and from there you have to turn to the Wi-Fi system of the printer and hold on twice until the orange alarm lamp sparkles, and then just release it.
    • You are now going to make sure the blue colored Wi-Fi component of the light blasts and the green colored power lamp constantly sparkle. Then pick NEXT.


    • When doing so, note that often your network connection is not available. Set NEXT, please.
    • Then pick your area and then NEXT.
    • Place your residence, and press the NEXT button.
    • You’ll then need to turn to the app you want to run. 
    • You can always delete it for the future to come.
    • On the following screen you must then select ‘YES’ to ensure that you have correctly clicked on the license agreement for the end user.
    • And on the next screen you’ll see the printer model and the name of the wireless network.
    • Finally click COMPLETE to complete the Canon Wireless Printer setup process.

    Setup Canon Printer With USB

    1. If after you’ve finished setting up your canon printer or going via you can’t find your printer, then you need to select ‘Install Network Link through USB’ and move into NEXT.
    2. Following is a screen from which you need to switch to canon setup and connect your printer to your device by adding a USB cable. Click NEXT button if you are a MAC user.
    3. If all of this is completed, you’ll find the connection point on the screen to which your computer is attached. If you want to link your printer to that particular wireless network, click YES.
    4. If you are a user of MAC please press ALLOW. A screen will then appear from where you need to delete your printer from your computer and click NEXT.
    5. Click Full, if you are a Windows user.
    6. This is for MAC users only, the access point will be shown after connecting your printer to your computer and you have to click OK then.
    7. Turn on the Connect PRINTER now.
    8. Then click on the driver ‘s unique version on the screen and click on the Attach button.
    9. To complete the setup, move to NEXT.

    How To Install The Canon Printer Driver With the Help of

    • You can print from different devices after connecting your printer to a Wireless Network. Now we’ll see how canon printer drivers can be mounted on your device using a wireless network. Compared to a USB connection, installing a Network Printer is a costly process.
    • First, if you have a hard copy of your user manual, you can read this tutorial for online user manuals and other user manual settings for your canon printer, then visit
    • Using the Canon Wireless Printer display screen to connect to the wireless network.
    • When your printer successfully connects to your network, the control panel can be triggered simply by opening it.
    • In the control panel, select the devices and printer, and choose the option to install a printer.
    • Next pick Add other network, wireless or bluetooth printer options.
    • Then, choose your wireless printer from the list of printers available.
    • Now, install the driver software required for your computer by clicking on the Install Driver button.
    • Please visit the setup page if you need to know more about the installation process.

    This is the whole canon setup process which connects your Canon printer to your machine. After completing all the configuration formalities and connecting your printer through your computer, make sure your printer is tested. Pick any random document from the file and directories of your device, and go straight to the print icon or document option. Check that your printer is in a position to successfully process your request for this paper. When you have your paper printer removed, it means the printer is connected, and the printer still works. When you are unable to get a print, you can call the service center or the trusted workers who offer after-sales services and they can help you mount your printer.

    If you have some problems with any of the printer choices, or if you’re wrong, you’ve picked some choices you didn’t know about. On the printer, you can reset the device, and can fix configuration and manual issues at / ijsetup to help you install all the default choices of the manufacturers. To restore the default setting of the printer, press and hold the Cancel or Resume keys.You will keep it right next door before the alarm flashes 17 times straight. At the 17th flash you should let go of the button. That would restore the programmed default option for your printer. If you have issues here too, you can contact the trusted service center person and contact the company’s service or visit

    How To Setup Canon IJ On Mac?

    1. To set up the Canon IJ Utility on your Mac machine, use the instructions below.
    2. The initial move is to go to the manufacturer’s site to find the printer driver and enter your printer’s model number.
    3. If it is not chosen automatically, choose the OS and the version of your program.
    4. Tap on the Drivers tab and choose the driver file. To download and install it on your Mac device click on the Download button. Verify that you download the MP driver containing the Canon IJ Utility kit.
    5. Upon completion of the download process, go to the place where it is saved and double-click the .PKG file to run it.
    6. Upon completion of the installation process select the Applications option from Finder’s Go menu.
    7. Double-click the folder for Canon Utilities, and use the IJ Scan Utility and IJ Printer Utility.
    8. Canon IJ On Mac System

    How To Print on Mac?

    1. Test to see if the printer has switched on.
    2. Extend paper input tray and stack sheets inside.
    3. From the Print Dialog window, pick your Canon Printer model.
    4. In the next window the Paper Size should be picked. Furthermore, pick the number of copies to print.
    5. From the drop-down list select Performance and Media and choose Media Form.
    6. Set the price of the prints as either large, regular, or draft. Read the instructions to complete the setup, and obey them.
    7. Open the print file and tap on the Print button.

    How To Print On Canon IJ Printer?

    1. The first step of the process is to test if the Canon printer is turned on.
    2. Upon extension, load paper of the correct size in the input tray.
    3. The next move is to open the Setup window for the Printer Driver on your device.
    4. Choose commonly used profile. Select the Fast Setup tab from the Choice Commonly Used Settings.
    5. When selecting the Canon IJ Setup print profile, the values Additional Features, Media Form, and Paper Size are set to their original values.
    6. Based on your need, the print quality should be set to Medium, Standard or Draft.
    7. The setup process must be complete by following the instructions displayed on your computer.
    8. To save a settings, tap the OK button.
    9. Using the Canon printer to open a document you want to print, then go to the File page.
    10. To print your documents choose Print choice.

    How To Fax In Canon IJ Printer?

    1. Make sure the Canon printer is turned on before continuing to the Fax process.
    2. Tap the Printer’s control panel Fax button.
    3. Load the documents into the glass platform or automated document feeder.
    4. If appropriate you can change both the Scan Contrast and the Resolution.
    5. You will dial the recipient’s fax or telephone number, using the numeric buttons.
    6. The left arrow will leave a gap between characters, and the right arrow will erase the last character you entered.
    7. If you double-click the # button, enter the letter P.
    8. Tap the Color Transmission button and the Black transmission button in black & white.
    9. The Canon IJ System scans the document and shows a confirmation screen.
    10. Press OK to give it to the receiver in question.

    How To Copy In Canon IJ Printer?

    1. Using Power button to switch on the Canon IJ Configuration.
    2. Extend the input tray and fill it with appropriate-size documents.
    3. Put the original documents on the platen.
    4. To turn on the Upper Paper Lamp click the Paper button.
    5. The next move is to click the color copying button, or the Black & White copying button.
    6. If you want to make several copies of the document then repeatedly tap the Color or Black button until the appropriate number of copies is made.

    Canon IJ Network Device Setup Utility

    1. The Canon IJ Network System Setup Tool and the MP driver kit will be downloaded as well.
    2. Follow the steps specified for the startup after the download and setup process is complete.
    3. Whether you are running a Windows 10 OS, press the Start button and pick All Settings. To open it, double-click on Canon Utilities, and pick IJ Network System Setup Utilities.
    4. You will need to pick the IJ Network System Setup Utility from the Start screen on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 device.
    5. Whether you have a Windows 7 or Vista setup, press the Start button and select All Programs, and then choose Canon Utilities. To start this, tap IJ Network Setup Utility.
    6. In the next screen that appears, pick and continue with the option Diagnosis and Repair or the Printer Network Setup.

    Canon IJ Network Setup Tool

    How To Run Canon IJ Network Setup Tool?

    1. The initial step is to test for connection of your computer to the wireless network.
    2. Open your machine with Canon IJ Network Tool.
    3. To start the setup process click the OK button on the Setup Preparations pad.
    4. Pick the Setup screen Model, and then press OK. The category is classified as USB canon.
    5. From the Access Points tab pick the access point to use. Type the name, and press Connect.
    6. When the printer quest is complete, the screen for Setup Completion will appear. Select the choice to Next.
    7. Now press The Connect Quality Measurement window Next.
    8. In the next tab , select the Finish option and pick your printer, and then press the Attach button.
    9. After you have connected the printer the setup is complete.

    Canon IJ Wireless Setup

    1. Place and close the Installation CD in the drive.
    2. Tap the Next choice which appears in the initial screen. Tap again to Next.
    3. Use the form as Wireless Connection in the Communication Form selection tab.
    4. Test that your Canon IJ Setup printer is switched on, and make sure the power lamp is switched on.
    5. In the next screen , select the Link to Network option.
    6. Next, click the Cableless Setup button, and then press the printer’s Wi-Fi button. Wait twice before the orange light flashes.
    7. When the Wi-Fi lamp switches to green colour, press the Next button.
    8. In the following screen , select your area, and tap Next.
    9. Upon choosing the place of residence, click Next again.
    10. Pick the program you wish to install on your device in the following tab.
    11. Select the Yes button to agree to the User License Agreement.
    12. When the Setup Completion screen appears click the Full button.

    Starting IJ Scan Utility

    The Canon IJ Scan Utility can be launched on your system by following the guidelines specified on this website.

    How To Start IJ Scan Utility In Windows?

    WINDOWS 10:

    • From the Start menu select All Apps selection, and select Canon Utilities. To open it click IJ Scan Utility.
    • If you can not find it, key in the search bar in IJ Scan Utility.

    WINDOWS 8:

    Use the IJ Scan Utility option from Start screen.


    • From the Start menu pick the All Program option and then press the Canon Utilities button.
    • To open this on your screen, click the IJ Scan App.

    Canon IJ Setup Wi-fi

    1. With the aid of the WPS communication system even your Canon printer can be connected to the wireless network.
    2. The instructions listed here will tell you how to use WPS method to set up the printer.
    3. Test if you fulfilled the following conditions prior to setup.
    4. The access point you are about to use will have a Push button for WPS.
    5. The network you are connecting to your printer will use a security protocol WPA or WPA2.
    6. Test to turn on the Canon Printer.
    7. Click the present Wi-Fi button on the control panel and hold it until the Warning Lamp flashes.
    8. You will click the WPS button on your Access Point after the lamp flashes blue.
    9. After searching for a while, when the connection is made the Power and Wi-Fi lights will start blinking.
    10. The lights will stop flashing and get steady once the connection is formed.
    11. If you want to test the link, print out the Network Settings tab.
    12. Load sheets of the size A4 in the input tray. Click the Resume / Cancel button until 15 times the light above it flashes, then release it.
    13. It then prints the Network Information tab. 
    14. To check if Active is displayed next to it, check the Connection option.
    15. The process for setting up WPS on Canon IJ Setup is now complete.

    How Do I Find The Canon IJ Printer Utility?

    1. Make use of the steps provided here to start the Canon IJ Printer Utility on your machine.
    2. Start the menu System Preferences, and select the Print & Fax option.
    3. Tap the Option to open the Canon IJ Printer Utility.
    4. Pick your model from the printer list, then tap Options & Supplies.
    5. Select the choice Open Printer Utility under the Tool tab.
    6. The Canon IJ Printer Utility starts on your machine.

    How To Start IJ Scan Utility in Mac?

    1. Once the IJ Scan Utility program is downloaded the next move is to launch it.
    2. Switch your Mac dialog box to the Finder window and select the Applications link.
    3. Double-click on the folder for Canon Utilities, then pick the folder for Canon IJ Scan Tool.
    4. Clicking on the Canon IJ Scan Utility2 button trigger the IJ Scan Utility.

    Canon IJ Setup iPhone

    1. Using the AirPrint app to run your iPhone’s Print function.
    2. Ensure sure the new version of the operating system runs on your iPhone.
    3. Ensure your Canon system is linked to the WLAN network and turned on.
    4. To open the view menu options, click the Operation icon from the application installed on your iPhone.
    5. Click the Print button, and then pick the Canon printer model from the Printer Options dialog box.
    6. Click the-or + buttons to determine the number of necessary copies.
    7. Activate the Duplex printing option by tapping On when necessary. Else, by selecting the Off button, deactivate the Duplex printing function.
    8. If there are several pages to printed in the file, select Range and select the All Pages option.
    9. Otherwise, tap the range of pages to be printed, and then tap the Print choice.

    Canon Printer Setup On Chromebook

    1. Function With the Power button on your Canon IJ Setup printer.
    2. Tap Menu button and select Web Service option, then tap OK.
    3. Select Setup for Web Service, then press the OK button.
    4. Now select Cloud Settings, then press OK, then select the Setup option to Google Cloud Print.
    5. Click the OK button, and select the Google Cloud Print option to the Register.
    6. Press OK and then click the Yes button, then click OK again.
    7. Click the print settings chosen language, and click OK.
    8. Now check if enough papers are being loaded inside the cassette of your printer.
    9. Start printing the URL page for authentication by tapping the choice OK.
    10. Now pick Yes, and then press OK. Type the URL into browser after 14 minutes, then check the QR code.
    11. Sign in to your Google account if instructed, and press the Finish Printer Registration button.
    12. Print a sample page to check whether the setup was successful.
    13. Sign into your Google Account by entering your password and email I d on your Chromebook browser.
    14. Open the picture or text, or visit any web page you wish to print.
    15. Choose the Print command and choose the name of the Canon printer you are registering with the Cloud Print service.
    16. Print out the file. This rounds off the setup cycle.

    Run The IJ Scan Utility On a Windows Computer

    1. Make use of the IJ Scan Utility program to quickly and conveniently execute the scan job from Windows Personal Computer.
    2. Go to the official website and insert your Canon scanner or printer model in the Insert a text field for mode.
    3. Choose your computer from the drop-down list window, and then click the Go button.
    4. Make sure you’ve picked the appropriate operating system under the Drivers & Downloads section.
    5. Locate your device’s MP drivers in the Drivers tab, and then select the appropriate Select button on the right side of the screen.
    6. By selecting Download option, save the downloaded file to your Windows system.
    7. Double-click on the specific file to start installation once the download is complete.
    8. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the process.
    9. Pick IJ Scan Utility in the correct position to run the IJ Scan Utility program.
    10. Windows 8: Press the Start dialog box to choose IJ Scan Utility.
    11. If IJ Scan Utility can not be found, select the Search Charm and then scan the IJ Scan Utility tool.
    12. Windows 10: Pick the All Apps option from the Start window, and press Canon Utilities.
    13. Select the option on the IJ Scan Utility. Input IJ Scan into the search field if the option is not open.
    14. From the Start screen pick the All Program option for Windows XP , Windows Vista, or Windows 7 computers.
    15. Choose Canon Utilities, then find IJ Scan Utilities to start the program, and press it.

    Run The IJ Scan Utility On a Mac Computer

    1. Open any browser on your Mac Personal Computer, and then go to the web of the manufacturer.
    2. Insert the model in the address field of your Canon IJ Setup system and then select the option Go.
    3. From the drop-down menu choose the version of the operating system used on your Mac machine and choose the Firmware, Applications, or Drivers tab.
    4. Choose the choice Pick which is present next to the device or driver name you wish to download.
    5. Once you have pressed Pick, the choice turns to Close. Tap on Save to save the file.
    6. Double-tap on the file from the Downloads position after the download terminates.
    7. Now, double-click the file at.pkg. Now, on your Mac screen, start the IJ Scan Utility program.
    8. From the Finder dialog box Go menu select the Applications option.
    9. Double-click on the Canon Utilities tab, then select IJ Scan Utility, and then select the Canon IJ Scan Utility 2 icon to start IJ Scan Utility.

    Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector EX

    Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector EX software lets users select the printer or scanner that is used for performing the Print functions from the Personal Computer. You can get the tool for free from an authorized web page. Once the installation is done, the IJ Network Scanner EX displays in the notification area of the computer.

    How To Run Canon IJ Network Tool To Configure The Connection ?

    1. Verify that the Canon computer is attached to the same SSID and the Personal Computer.
    2. Start the Network Tool IJ.
    3. When the search process is finished by the Network Tool, pick the Setup option in the drop-down list box available at the top left of the Mac window.
    4. Click on the Setup Arrangements dialog to OK button.
    5. Pick the name of the pop-up window on your Canon IJ System.
    6. Select OK and it will display the form as a Canon USB.
    7. On the Access Points pane, pick the access point you want to use and type the network key in the appropriate field.
    8. Click the Link button, now. After scanning the printers, the Setup Completion window will appear on the screen.
    9. Choose Next and in the Link Output Assessment dialog, click Next button again.
    10. When the calculation has finished, click Start.
    11. Choose the name of your Canon printer, and press the Add button.
    12. Deplug the USB cable from your Canon printer after you have done the above procedure.

    Canon IJ Driver Installer Has Stopped

    1. An error message is shown on your screen indicating that the Utility program has stopped working.
    2. In the Start dialog box , select the Settings option and click Computer, then select Printers & Scanners.
    3. Under the Printers & Scanners window, disable the Let Windows Manage My Default Printer feature;
    4. Reinstall all of the MP applications and remove all of the unwanted icons, then print a test sheet.

    Canon IJ Scan Utility Not Working

    1. Please ensure your Canon printer is turned on.
    2. When you have a USB connection, connect the USB cord to another port on your Personal Computer.
    3. Verify that the USB cable is not plugged into a socket or docking station.
    4. If the Canon Printer is connected to the device through a wireless network, make sure it works properly.
    5. Restart machine running Windows or Mac. Confirm that the drivers for MP have been installed.
    6. If not, uninstall the driver from your device, and reinstall from the manufacturer ‘s site the latest edition.
    7. Now, do a scan job to check whether the Canon IJ Setup Scan Utility program is working properly.

    Disclaimer: We ‘re an independent third party tech support unit. We provide a wide variety of services, in particular for users of Canon printers. makes printer setup, installation, and printer-related queries simple. We are not affiliated with the producer, or any other group of third parties. We appreciate the brand name , logo, image and product details of other companies and we promise that those used in our are for reference purposes only. We disclaim all ownership and are not responsible for any warranty provided by the manufacturer for the product.