Your Canon Printer is filled with various features. You need to run the Canon IJ Setup effectively to exploit the printer functions. Go to install and run the Canon IJ system with our clear Guidelines.

How to Canon IJ Setup on Mac?

Follow the instructions below to move Utility Canon IJ on your Mac machine.

  1. Next, switch to fabricator site: ij.start.canon
  2. Now enter the model number of your Canon printer to find the correct engine.
  3. If not pick your OS version, your operating system version will be automatically detected.
  4. Next, pick the driver file and switch to the driver page. Instead, to download the driver click on the download button.
  5. Note: Make sure you are installing MP driver that includes the Canon IJ Utility package.
  6. On completion of the update switch to the place where the driver is downloaded. Finally, press the .PKG file to load.
  7. If the installation is complete, use the IJ Scan Utility and IJ Printer Utility to click on the utility list.

    How to Print On Canon IJ Printer Setup?

    Canon IJ printer printing is really easy if you are doing the setup process correctly. Provide advice from our professional expert on setting up error free printer on Windows and Mac operating system.

    Canon IJ Setup - How to Print On Windows?

    • Initially, consider if the Canon printer is involved.
    • Now, open the paper tray and place the desired form of paper inside the tray.
    • Next, ensure the ink cartridges are mounted properly.
    • Then explore the Canon IJ Setup printer profile. If required, customize the additional features like media sort, paper value etc.
    • Eventually set the print standard to match your needs.
    • To complete the setup process follow the instructions on the computer.
    • Save any adjustments you’ve made.
    • Open the document or picture you want to print from your Canon Printer at this stage.
    • Finally, tap the Document or Photo Print option.

    Canon IJ Setup - How to Print On Mac?

    • Switch on the Canon Printer, first.
    • Then, open the paper tray and bring in the paper stack. Align the papers gentlely to prevent problems with paper jams.
    • Visit the print dialog box now, and pick your canon printer.
    • Thus pick the size of the paper and the number of copies to be printed.
    • You may also use the drop-down list to select media settings. Pick Settings from the OK menu to save.
    • First, open the document for printing, and follow the screen instructions.
    • At last, click on the document print option to print.

    How to Copy In Canon IJ Printer Setup ?

    • To initially turn the Canon printer on, press the power button.
    • Now load the paper package onto the paper tray.
    • First, put the original paper under the glass of the platens.
    • Note: Make sure the glass plates are dust-free.
    • Then push either black button / color button to get the copy you want.
    • Note: The black button matches the black / white copy, and the color button matches the color copy.
    • Press repeatedly on the corresponding button to make several copies.

    How to fax In Canon IJ Printer Setup ?

    • Faxing is one of Canon’s very best apps. Follow those easy steps to successfully complete the trouble-free fax on time:
    • Make sure your canon print setup is finished for the first time.
    • Check the power cable connection next, and switch the printer on.
    • Get your finger close to the fax alternative, and gently press it.
    • You can now find a fax-screen. Align the document to be loaded onto the platen or ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) with progress.
    • Do the simple changes according to your needs and then type in your destination number.
    • Now it will prompt you to pick the transmission of colour. Choose the form you want, and wait for your paper to be faxed.

    Canon Network Device Setup Utility

    • The primary aim of the Setup function is to interact easily with the printer. The basic steps for starting this setup are given here: ij.start.canon
    • You need to test if drivers are installed on your device before you get into the setup utility procedure.
    • Check and validate the configuration of the printer, and launch the setup utility for your network computer.
    • Because the system setup utility is only performed when your printer has the drivers mounted.
    • Use the installation file according to your Mac. Now you have to continue, then go through All Apps and finally into the Canon IJ Network Setup tool.
    • If no mention is made of the IJ network system setup utility, check the same in your browser to get the correct one.
    • You can get your printer identified in this way. Use your computer to be conveniently plugged into the proper network.

    Canon Printer Setup

    To start your Canon Inkjet Printer setup process, please follow the procedures below.

    1. The very first step of using a computer, a laptop or a Tablet in this process is.
    2. Now, open the web browser for your laptop, you can open it to any browser including Google Chrome, Internet Edge or Mozilla Firefox.
    3. Locate the address bar in the window top pane. In the Address bar “ij.start.cannon,” click Enter.
    4. Now, you will be taken to the homepage of the website. You will display tabs for different procedures on the homepage. You can click on the “Setup” button.
    5. When you click on it you are taken to a new page. Here, you have to enter your model number. You can either type your model number manually, or use the select choice in the lower panel on the same tab.
    6. The configuration instructions for your particular model will be shown when you enter the model number and click the enter. Ignore in your screen measure.

    Hardware Setup

    • Before making the configuration, you first need to complete your device’s hardware setup process.
    • Unbox your printer in the same way that you see in your video tutorial on the ij.start.cannon website.
    • Using the power cable link your printer device to the power supply and turn on your printer.
    • You now need to save the original settings on the printer. 
    • This means you need to configure your preferences, such as the control panel’s language, date, location and time.
    • The video tutorial at ij.start.cannon will direct you through the steps you take to load the cartridge, and carefully follow the text.

    Downloading the Driver

    • The driver program has to be downloaded after you have completed all the hardware setup procedures, as requested by ij.start.cannon.
    • Now you have to select the second step in the same window that led you through the two previous steps , i.e. “Download the Driver App.” Click on this button.
    • Your file will start downloading after you click on this link. You can test the download in the browser window in the Footer tab.

    Setup your canon printer

    • Upon completion of the Hardware Setup and installation of the printer driver program in the “ij.start.cannon” instructions, select the next stage, i.e. configuring your computer portion.
    • To start this process, you must first ensure your printer is switched on. Check if your computer has green light allowed.
    • The “User Control Wizard” will pop up on your screen after double-clicking the downloaded software. Click the “Start” button here to allow the app to be running on your computer.
    • You have driver software’s “Welcome Door” now. Tap the Next button.
    • You now need to go step by step through your setup guide. You will now follow this guide in the same manner as you have followed the guide for ij.start.cannon.
    • On your computer a screen will appear to ask you to choose between a USB or wireless link.
    • On the next window in your browser, press the ‘Link to Network’ button.
    • You may pick the type of link you wish to use in the next tab. The approach uses wired or wireless in general. Click on the “Connect cables” button here.
    • When the message “Link via wireless setup” appears, the printer’s Wi-Fi button needs to be pressed down. Repeat this 2 times before the orange alarm light blinks, and after the second blink, press the button.
    • Make sure the Blue Color Wi-Fi blinks quickly, and click the Next button. Your network connection is momentarily “disabled” in this process. Wait some time to connect your computer to the printer.
    • The next window on your app now allows you to reach your geographic area. After choosing “Next” button.
    • On the next screen, you must pick your place of residence, and then click “Next.”
    • The next screen to appear is the “Software Update List” You need to select the device you ‘d like to install. If you have any doubt about which software you want to install at this point, you can also deinstall the software you need. After selecting the app, press “Next” button.
    • You are now assigned “Text of the License Agreement.” If you agree to all conditions, click “Yes” later on in this document.
    • Therefore a window named “Allow Install Wizard Method” appears on your computer. Again press the Next button.
    • The window below shows your model printer and the name (or SSID) of the wireless network. Click here “Full.
    • Finally now you can see that your Blue lamp stops flickering, meaning your Windows user setup is complete.

    Mac users need few additional steps

    • The next window will ask you to connect a printer to your Mac computer. To continue press the “Attach Printer” button.
    • Therefore you can see the printer devices available on the next tab. From this list select your printer device model number. The same one you entered on ij.start.cannon to start the whole operation. Click on “Connect” tab, then.
    • To complete the process, click “Next”

    This completes the Mac Wireless Setup.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Let’s help you resolve all your questions about canon IJ Setup here!

    Routers usually play an important role in communication between devices.

    1. Without internet connectivity, if you ensure wireless adaptor and router feature and link, Wi-Fi enabled canon printers to work normally.
    2. This case applies within the zonal region, (i.e.) the local network interface contact.
    • Google Cloud Printing Technology is the perfect way to print from Smart Devices.
    • This doesn’t require uploading or installing any third party apps.
    • This helps you to print on the same network from anywhere as the Wi-Fi link passes.
    • Smart devices use Cloud Print as the default app irrespective of the Canon Printer connection.
    1. Ensure that useful tools and canon printers are, or are not, on the same network.
    2. Select any mobile text, and change the settings for the print option.
    3. Now, you’ll be asked to pick the form you want, pick the one you want to verify with test printing works.
    4. In this case, many users prefer to comply with mobile printing technology through the AirPrint alternative.
    1. Go to the beginning and continue your quest by entering Devices and Printers or faxes or scans.
    2. To the next of the canon printer appears a green-colored checkmark.
    3. If not, search the settings, or manually add your canon printer.
    4. Through this, your printer will start appearing on the screen to ease your pick.
    1. Nearly all tablets are comprised of mini-USB ports, not 2.0 USB ports to help connect perfectly.
    2. To keep the USB2.0 port’s best output completely back.
    3. Use USB2.0 for a standard workflow as well as for better canon printer performance.
    4. Ensure that your windows and other apps such as android accept your full size USB2.0 port.

    1. To get an instant update, select the right canon engine.
    2. To find the latest edition go to the system manager and right-click on the printer.
    3. Often, updating the system manager to ensure compatibility can provoke you.
    4. Uninstall the old driver and load the new canon printer driver on the driver page, if found.

    1. To get an instant update, select the right canon engine.
    2. To find the latest edition go to the system manager and right-click on the printer.
    3. Often, updating the system manager to ensure compatibility can provoke you.
    4. Uninstall the old driver and load the new canon printer driver on the driver page, if found.

    1. It is a form of error that only happens when you have failed to update the missing canon driver or script.
    2. Type Win+R and then type devmgmt into it. Msc and Press All right.
    3. Click on your canon printer and select the option to disable the current driver.
    4. Start downloading the new canon driver later to enjoy a lot of stunning features.

    1. To get the installation finished, using USB Cable.
    2. Power your canon printer for that, and go to the computer’s start tab.
    3. Fill up your canon tool list on printers and scanners.
    4. Pick your canon printer after it has been installed, and proceed to install the software.
    1. First of all, copying the notes, files and directories to a USB drive is a positive thing.
    2. You can install the canon printer program directly using USB drive.
    3. Make sure you follow the steps to complete installation of the canon program on time.
    4. When the USB drive is attached, it starts notifying the user of the latest updates.

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